Chinese Learning Worksheets

With the help of simple, understandable Chinese learning worksheets, your child can now fortify their Chinese vocabulary and writing skills.


Teaching a child Chinese has become an important goal for parents. The sooner a child starts learning Chinese, the better their overall proficiency will be. It may be challenging at first since this is their second language, but it will be beneficial for them to learn at a younger age. Children learn new languages easier than adults. If a child starts learning Chinese early, it will be faster and easier for them to become more fluent.

We have included some of the most fun and effective learning materials to help your child learn Chinese:
  • Dictionary. This has a great list of common vocabulary words on many topics. Kids can learn new words, speak, and improve their pronunciation.
  • Videos. Kids can enjoy singing and dancing to Chinese music videos. We have put together much fun and engaging songs to introduce new Chinese vocabulary words and sentences to kids. There are some old classics as well as original Galaxy Kids tunes!
  • Worksheets. Once your child is ready to start practising their reading and writing skills, they can download these fun worksheets.
  • Story Books. Our Story Books are a perfect way for kids to learn Chinese. Children will love the cute illustrations and will enjoy listening to the engaging audio that will read the story to them.
  • Chat Buddy. Kids can choose from a wide selection of topics and start immediately chatting with our adorable AI characters: Maxi, Nana, Big Blue, and Noodle Monster!
In the Galaxy Kids app, you will find all the material needed to start your child’s Chinese language journey. You can also evaluate your child’s progress at any time. Your little one will have so much fun learning Chinese with our AI chat buddies. They will also get to practice speaking and listening to our American teachers in the Interactive Class!
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