Fruit Names in Chinese for Kids

Like vegetables, fruit is healthy and kids should eat it every day but often don’t. Fruit is a great source of fiber, vitamins, and minerals, so it’s hardly surprising that eating fruit every day will help reduce sickness and build a stronger immune system. Plus, from blueberries to bananas, peaches to papayas, clementines to cantaloupe, there’s something to please every kid—once they try it!


To get your child to eat fruit, you can provide fruit with their meals every day to create a good habit. Prepare the fruit beforehand by washing it and cutting it up. You can store it in the refrigerator unless you’re ready to serve it. Once it’s time for your kid to eat, just add the prepared fruit as part of every meal or snack. For example, you can put fruit in cereal, add a piece of fruit to your child’s lunch, or make a fruit salad. This will help encourage your kid to enjoy a healthy but delicious variety of fruit.


Galaxy Kids also has put together a list of fruit vocabulary to learn Chinese for kids.

Fruit Names in Chinese for Kids:

Apple 苹果 (píng guǒ)

Apricots 杏子 (xìng zi)

Avocados 牛油果 (niú yóu guǒ)

Bananas 香蕉 (xiāng jiāo)

Blueberries 蓝莓 (lán méi)

Cherries 樱桃 (yīng táo)

Cantaloupe 哈密瓜 (hā mì ​​guā)

Dragon Fruit 火龙果 (huǒ lóng guǒ)

Grapefruit 柚子 (yòu zi)

Grapes 葡萄 (pú táo)

Guava 番石榴 (fān shí liú)

Jackfruit 菠萝蜜 (bō luó mì)

Kiwi 猕猴桃 (mí hóu táo)

Kumquat 金橘 (jīn jú)

Lemon 柠檬 (níng méng)

Lime 酸橙 (suān chéng)

Lychee 荔枝 (lì zhī)

Mango 芒果 (máng guǒ)

Olive 橄榄 (gǎn lǎn)

Oranges 橙子 (chéng zi)

Papaya 木瓜 (mù guā)

Peach 桃 (táo)

Pomegranate 石榴 (shíliú)

Pineapple 菠萝 (bō luó)

Passion Fruit 百香果  (bǎi xiāng guǒ)

Rambutan 红毛丹  (hóng máo dān)

Raspberries 山莓  (shān méi)

Star Fruit 杨桃 (yáng táo)

Strawberries 草莓 (cǎo méi)

Tomato 番茄 (fān qié)

Tangerine 柑橘 (gān jú)

Tamarind 罗望子  (luó wàngzǐ)

Watermelon 西瓜 (xī guā)

To learn to say Hello in Chinese or more about fruits in Chinese in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best Chinese learning app for kids!

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