Vegetables Names in Chinese for kids

Vegetables are an important part of daily meals. Vegetables provide nutrition and vitamins to help kids become healthier and smarter every day. Even so, many young children hate to eat them and always take vegetables off their plates. So how can you get your child to eat vegetables every day without forcing them?

First, as a parent, you can try to get your kids familiar with eating vegetables by including at least one leafy green or yellow vegetable each day.  Spinach, broccoli, winter squash, greens, and carrots have vitamin A. Serving more salad or even teaching your child how to make salad are also great options for your kids to get used to vegetables.

Also, try creating  vegetable-themed activities for your child.. For example, your kids can learn to speak Chinese by using flashcards or playing guessing games. The colorfulness of the vegetables will ignite curiosity in your child. They will want to know more about these delicious plants and will feel excited to play with you.

You can teach your kids how to say vegetables in Chinese and help them relate it to their surroundings. For example, “This is a carrot. Carrots are orange. Do you know any other food that is orange?” “Lettuce is green, do you see anything else that is green?”

To help you get started, Galaxy Kids will provide you with 30 popular types of vegetables in Chinese for kids. Get creative with making games for your kids!

Names of vegetables in Chinese for Kids

Asparagus 芦笋 (lú sǔn)

Basil 罗勒 (luó lè)

Beans 豆子 (dòu zi)

Beetroot 红菜头 (hóng cài tóu)

Bell pepper 灯笼椒 (dēng lóng jiāo)

Broccoli 西兰花 (xī lán huā)

Cabbage 卷心菜 (juǎn xīn cài)

Carrot 萝卜(luó bo)

Cauliflower 菜花 (cài huā)

Chili 辣椒 (là jiāo)

Cinnamon 肉桂 (ròu guì)

Coriander 香菜 (xiāng cài)

Corn 玉米 (yù mǐ)

Cucumber 黄瓜 (huáng guā)

Eggplant 茄子 (qié zi)

Garlic 蒜 (suàn)

Ginger 姜 (jiāng)

Lettuce 生菜 (shēng cài)

Mushroom 蘑菇 (mó gū)

Onion 洋葱 (yáng cōng)

Peas 豌豆 (wān dòu)

Potato 土豆 (tǔ dòu)

Pumpkin 南瓜 (nán guā)

Radish 萝卜 (luó bo)

Spinach 菠菜 (bō cài)

Sweet potato 甘薯 (gān shǔ)

Yam (shǔ)

With these little steps, you kids will surely like greens more and at the same time, they will learn Chinese vocabulary to speak Chinese too.

To learn to say Hello in Chinese or more about vegetables in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best Chinese learning app for kids

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