Weather Vocabulary in Chinese for kids

What is the weather like?

The weather is sunshine, rain, snow, wind, and storms. Children often learn about weather features very early on. The ability to characterize things and events is considered a milestone in the child’s cognitive process. Understanding weather events in Chinese is an important part of a child’s development to learn Chinese and also helps create a cognitive connection between visual clues and words for children.

In today’s lesson, Galaxy Kids will provide vocabulary about the weather topic and how to teach Chinese to children through this topic.

Cold (lěng)

Hot (rè)

Cool 凉爽 (liáng shuǎng)

Warm 温暖 (wēn nuǎn)

Foggy (wù)

Clear 晴朗 (qíng lǎng)

Cloudy 多云 (duō yún)

Sunny 晴天 (qíng tiān)

Rainy 下雨 (xià yǔ)

Rainbow 彩虹 (cǎi hóng)

Snowy 下雪 (xià xuě)

Stormy 暴风雨 (bàofēngyǔ)

Windy 大风 (dà fēng)

Thunder (léi)

Lightning 闪电 (shǎn diàn)

Since the weather is a part of everyday life, parents have many opportunities to teach children about this topic daily. One way to teach your kids to learn Chinese about the weather is making a routine to ask them “What it is like today” or “What is the weather today” and “What items to prepare in these weather conditions”, etc.

This is an amazing way to improve preschoolers’ Chinese speaking and listening skills as well as create a good habit for kids to watch the weather forecast and be well-prepared by themselves in any weather. In addition, to continue learning Chinese vocabulary about the weather, show your preschoolers how different seasons of the year are, in this way they will be able to relate to different weather conditions.

To learn weather in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best Chinese learning app for kids!

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