Food and Drink Vocabulary

Food and drinks are some of the topics associated with the daily life of children. Therefore, letting children learn Chinese through this topic is an extremely effective way that parents and teachers should not ignore. It will be great when your kids can tell around what they eat today and what they like as well as dislike. Most importantly, your kids will learn about the healthier food choices and ingredients to lead healthy lives.

Chinese vocabulary related to meats and seafood:

Meat (ròu)

Pork 猪肉 (zhū ròu)

Beef 牛肉 (niú ròu)

Chicken (jī)

Duck 鸭子(yā zi)

Bacon 熏肉 (xūn ròu)

Sausages 香肠 (xiāng cháng)

Ham 火腿 (huǒ tuǐ)

Steak 牛扒 (niú bā)

Sandwich 三明治 (sān míng zhì)

Burger 汉堡包 (hàn bǎo bāo)

Seafood 海鲜 (hǎi xiān)

Fish (yú)

Crab 螃蟹 (páng xiè)

Shrimp (xiā)

Clam (há)

Lobster 龙虾 (lóng xiā)

Oyster 牡蛎 (mǔ lì)

Squid 乌贼 (wū zéi)

Octopus 章鱼 (zhāng yú)

Scallop 扇贝 (shàn bèi)

Chinese vocabulary related to rice and noodles:

Rice (fàn)

Noodles 面条 (miàn tiáo)

Pasta 意大利面 (yì dà lì miàn)

Ramen 拉面 (lā miàn)

Macaroni 通心粉 (tōng xīn fěn)

Chinese vocabulary for some drinks:

Beer 啤酒 (pí jiǔ)

Coffee 咖啡(kā fēi)

Tea (chá)

Water (shuǐ)

Fruit juice 果汁 (guǒ zhī)

Hot chocolate 热可可 (rè kě kě)

Soda 苏打 (sū dǎ)

Orange juice 橙汁 (chéng zhī)

Cola 可乐 (kě lè)

Milk 牛奶 (niú nǎi)

Lemonade 柠檬水 (níng méng shuǐ)

Now let’s see ways to cook a dish:

boiled 煮沸 (zhǔ fèi)

steamed 蒸熟 (zhēng shú)

fried 油煎 (yóu jiān)

stir-fried 煸炒 (biān chǎo)

pan-fried (jiān)

grilled (kǎo)

stewed (dùn)

casseroled 砂锅 (shā guō)

In this topic, you will introduce to your child songs or stories related to the Chinese vocabulary list for children with the theme of Food – Drink. This not only helps children not be bored but also helps increase their memory capacity in learning Chinese.

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