Shapes in Chinese for kids

Our kids are the ultimate sunshine of our lives, and parents tend to do everything for their kids. Similarly, cognitive development is extremely crucial for kids even in learning Chinese and it can be attained by teaching them basic shapes. Learning shapes in Chinese will help them understand the things around them. In this article, we have a list of shapes in Chinese for kids.

Shapes Name in Chinese for Kids

Triangle 三角形 (sān jiǎo xíng)

Square 正方形 (zhèng fāng xíng)

Rectangle 长方形 (cháng fāng xíng)

Circle 圆圈 (yuán quān)

Arrow (jiàn)

Star 星星 (xīng xīng)

Diamond 钻石 (zuàn shí)

Heart (xīn)

Oval 椭圆形 (tuǒ yuán xíng)

Pentagon 五角大楼 (wǔ jiǎo dà lóu)

Rhombus 菱形 (líng xíng)

Cube 立方体 (lì fāng tǐ)

Scalene triangle 不等边三角形 (bù děng biān sān jiǎo xíng)

Right triangle 直角三角形 (zhí jiǎo sān jiǎo xíng)

Heptagon 七边形 (qī biān xíng)

Nonagon 九边形 (jiǔ biān xíng)

Octagon 八角形 (bā jiǎo xíng)

Hexagon 六边形 (liù biān xíng)

Cylinder 圆筒 (yuán tǒng)

Trefoil 三叶草 (sān yè cǎo)

Semi-circle 半圆 (bàn yuán)

How To Teach About The Shapes in Chinese for Kids

When you are teaching these shapes to kids, it’s needless to say that they will have a hard time memorizing and understanding the shapes because there are too many of them. That being said, teaching them with a cane won’t work, but we are sharing some tips that will improve their learning process, such as;


We have hardly seen any kid without a toy, and these toys can be used to teach them about the shapes. For this reason, you can simply buy educational toys for kids rather than shushing kids. First of all, you can opt for the shapes chunky puzzle with which students have to match the shape blocks in specific gaps, and repeating the toys daily will enhance their Chinese learning and grasp on shapes. In addition, there are special shape sorters available with which students will learn how to collect toys at the end of playtime while understanding the shapes. Secondly, you can buy shape sponges, and some of them are actually designed with handles, so kids can handle them easily. Keep in mind that giving them different toys will make them excited about learning Chinese.

Keep Repeating

When we are training kids, we have to tell them things hundreds of times before they start doing it right. So, when you are teaching them shapes, keep repeating the shape names and keep showing them pictures of different shapes as it helps them memorize the information. Still, if you don’t want to intimidate your kids, just allocate five minutes for teaching them the shapes on a daily basis. Moreover, once they memorize the shapes, keep testing them out of nowhere, so they become prompt responders.

Learning Activities

Whenever you are teaching shapes to your kids, variety is important because they need to learn different things, which calls for different activities. First of all, you can make a shape pizza by cutting out basic shapes and pasting them on a paper sheet, and show this sheet to them daily, and don’t forget to tell them the names of the shape. The second activity is shape jumping, with which you draw shapes on the ground (use a chalk) and ask your kids to hop to a certain shape.

As a result, they will get to know which shape is which (you can also hop and jump with them to make it fun and engaging).

Start Slow

We understand that you want your kids to learn everything, but too much information will overwhelm them. So, whenever you are teaching shapes in Chinese to your kids, start slow and with basic. To illustrate, you can start teaching them two shapes, but the most basic shapes include square, circle, star, and triangle. When they have learned these basic shapes, you can move to the advanced and complex shapes, such as diamond, hexagon, rectangle, arrow, rhombus, and more.

Always Check The Understanding

While teaching kids about the shapes, you must keep checking their understanding. This is because when you know their current understanding, you can make better teaching methods that meet their current learning needs. In addition, if your kids don’t reply with the correct answer, make sure to correct them positively rather than scolding them. On the other hand, if your kids are unable to understand and learn a few shapes, try changing the teaching method and give them learning books and toys.

Cheer Them

If your kid is having a hard time learning shapes, you must not scold them or get frustrated because every kid learns at their own pace. In addition, you must not compare your kid to anyone else because it can lower their self-esteem. Instead, you should try cheering them as it will boost their confidence and enhance their learning ability!

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