Parts of a Face in Chinese for kids

Your kids probably know how to say head, shoulders, knees, and toes now after learning about body parts in Chinese, but how about parts of the face? Learning Chinese about the parts of a face will help children understand feelings too. For example, they will know that you are happy when your mouth smiles.

To teach children about parts of a face in Chinese, try repeating each vocabulary word while having them point to that part of their face. After they learned about the vocabulary word for parts of a face, parents can then use sentences to practice learning to speak Chinese with the kids – “This is my nose” or “I touch my eyes”. To make it easier for you, Galaxy Kids has prepared a list of vocabulary about parts of a face in Chinese for kids as the first step to help them describe a person.

Face parts in Chinese for Kids

Hair 头发 (tóu fǎ)

Forehead 前额 (qián’ é) 

Eyebrow (méi)

Eye 眼睛 (yǎn jīng)

Eyelash 睫毛 (jié máo)

Eyeball 眼球 (yǎn qiú)

Pupil 瞳孔 (tóng kǒng)

Nose 鼻子 (bí zi)

Nostril 鼻孔 (bí kǒng)

Ear 耳朵 (ěr duǒ)

Cheek 脸颊 (liǎn jiá)

Mouth (zuǐ)

Lip (chún)

Teeth 牙齿 (yá chǐ)

Tongue 舌头 (shé tou)

Jaw (è)

Chin 下巴 (xià bā)

When children have already learned and memorized parts of the face parents can start to teach them how to describe a face shape in Chinese.

Face Shapes in Chinese for Kids

Diamond 钻石 (zuàn shí)

Heart  爱心 (ài xīn)

Inverted triangle 倒三角 (dào sān jiǎo)

Oval 椭圆形 (tuǒ yuán xíng)

Pear (lí) 

Rectangle 长方形 (cháng fāng xíng)

Round 圆形 (yuán xíng)

Square 正方形 (zhèng fāng xíng)

Triangle 三角形 (sān jiǎo xíng)

This vocabulary not only teaches your kids about shapes in general but can also describe a person’s face. Parents should encourage children to learn Chinese by practice to speak Chinese with family members to learn body parts. It would be exciting and fun to see your little ones going around the house describing grandma, grandpa, siblings, and other family members.


To learn to say Hello in Chinese or more about parts of a face in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best Chinese learning app for kids!

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