Drinks Tea Song for Kindergarten

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Worksheets - My Face Flashcards

My Face Flashcards

This set of easy flashcards about “My Face” is great for lessons or for teaching face features songs. Help your kids broaden their English vocabulary for the face with these fun flashcards. Which face feature does your child like? Let’s start practising this topic with your child while having fun with other worksheets in Chinese […]
Learn Chinese Days of the Week

Days of the Week in Chinese for kids

From Monday to Friday we go to school, and on Saturday and Sunday, we play! Learning Chinese about the days of the week is an important skill our little ones must learn. Everyone needs to know about the days of the week when it comes to learning Chinese for kids! But how can parents teach […]
making chinese learning a family affair

Making Chinese Learning a Family Affair

Learning a new language is an exciting journey, and involving the whole family can make it even more special. By turning Chinese learning into a family affair, parents can create a supportive environment that encourages practice, fosters motivation, and strengthens the bond between family members. In this blog post, we will explore valuable tips for […]