Breakfast Foods in Chinese for kids

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal one has to eat and there are times where we, as parents, have to push our kids to finish up their breakfast. Every kid has their “first” of something and if they don’t know what they are served, they refused to eat it. With this article, we are sharing some breakfast foods in Chinese for kids so they will be educated and you will see how they start eating breakfast obediently!

The Terms

Dry beans
Low-fat milk
Fat-free milk
French toast
Scrambled eggs
Cottage cheese

Why Breakfast Is Important For Kids?

Kids are always full of energy, but they need the fuel to keep them functioning throughout the day. Here, we have some easy breakfast options that parents can make for them:
Single cereal serving
Fresh fruits
Keep in mind that eating breakfast regularly also helps with easy learning at home. For instance, if kids don’t have breakfast, they get less iron which reduces their ability to learn. Even more, it can result in higher BMI which is a common indicator of obesity. That being said, when kids eat breakfast regularly, they are highly likely to take part in sports.

How To Encourage Kids To Eat Breakfast

When it comes down to eating, parents often become role models for their kids. To illustrate, you need to show your kids that having breakfast is a good thing and that breakfast is delicious. That’s because when they see you enjoying breakfast, they will be encouraged to eat. However, there are various tips to help you encourage kids for having breakfast, such as:

  • Make sure to set a specific time for breakfast and communicate it with kids. Once kids know they have to stick to a routine, they will be at the breakfast table and will eventually start enjoying the time.
  • If a kid says that they aren’t hungry for breakfast, you should skip solid food and opt for milk, yogurt, smoothie, or fruits because they are healthy and light.
  • Another way of encouraging them for breakfast is to give them a small meal at the breakfast table, such as toast or a small oatmeal bowl. As a result, they will eat breakfast and you can also give them a second snack before dropping them at the school, such as yogurt or a sandwich. This way, they will have enough nutrients and won’t feel pushed to eat.
  • If your kid has a tough morning routine, it will get in their way of enjoying breakfast. So, fix the issue by setting their alarm ten minutes early or setting up the clothes one night before to save a few minutes. In addition, you can prepare breakfast at night, such as mixing the waffle or pancake batter at night, so you just have to make the pancake (no time-wasting for mixing the batter).
  • Every parent has to struggle with picky eaters but they tend to respond to familiar food items. This means that you should only give them what they like rather than trying out new recipes.
  • If your kid is a bit older or is a teenager, just pack them some lunch rather than making a big deal out of breakfast. Once you take things easy, they might even start having breakfast in the morning, so don’t hesitate in getting experimental.
  • If you want to motivate kids to have breakfast, try to buy star-shaped or other fun-shaped pans to make waffles or pancakes. This is because fun-shaped food will allure them and they won’t hesitate in taking a bite.
  • Every kid has some favorite fruit and fruits are great for breakfast. So, if you struggle with breakfast tantrums, just give them their favorite fruit because something is always better than nothing.

These tips are essential to try because breakfast provides sufficient energy to kids and improves their metabolism. Consequently, their regular breakfast routine will make them eat efficiently throughout the day which promises better health. To summarize, these breakfast foods in Chinese for kids will help them to learn better!

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