Toy Names in Chinese for kids

As soon as kids start growing up, they will learn Chinese through the different toys and their names. Oftentimes, kids are creative and imaginative, which leads them to learn about different terms. The right toys can help kids practice diverse skills which are important for brain development and personality development, such as shape recognition, coordination, and more. Similarly, imaginative playtime is important for development, and toy’s ability to spark imagination helps them engage in different roles, create stories, and learn primary concepts about their surroundings.

For this reason, toys can be used as learning aids and they often help improve Chinese vocabulary. New toys also help kids grasp specific science, math, and alphabetic concepts. Learning about different toy names in Chinese for kids will help enhance the playtime activities of kids. In this article, we are sharing a list of toys names in Chinese, promising improved vocabulary!

Toys Names in Chinese For Kids

Bicycle 脚踏车 (jiǎo tà chē)

Train 火车 (huǒ chē)

Doll 娃娃 (wá wá)

Ball (qiú)

Bear (xióng)

Kite 风筝 (fēng zhēng)

Rubber Duck 橡皮鸭 (xiàng pí yā)

Airplane 飞机 (fēi jī)

Crayons 蜡笔 (là bǐ)

Rocking Horse 摇马 (yáo mǎ)

Car (chē)

Drums (gǔ)


Learning without pictures can be challenging for kids because they won’t feel any association with specific words or toy names. For this purpose, flashcards in Chinese for kids are suitable and offer an ultimate sneak peek into specific toys.

Types Of Toys For Improving Brain & Personality Development

Digit Stands

Digit stands are great for kids to learn Chinese by practicing counting, learning numbers, and learning different colors. Generally, these stands have bubbles labeled with digits, so kids can learn about numbers and colors at once.

Musical Fish

Every child plays musical chair but musical fish is another amazing toy. These toys often come with a drumstick, so kids can bang on them and rattle their fins, improving concentration and focus.

Chatter Phones

Screen time isn’t good for kids but chatter phones have become the ultimate phone. We are certain that you’ve used these phones in your childhood as well but the new ones are designed with rotary dials. As a result, the toy will give them the freedom to imagine and learn to speak Chinese.

Finger Paints

Kids love to color up the walls and mark art on the walls. Parents can diver kids’ attention from walls to paper by giving them finger paints. Consequently, kids will enjoy the colors, learn about different colors, and let their imagination flow.

Corn Popper

The corn poppers have been around for years and are designed with a pushing handle, so kids can practice walking. As a result, kids will improve their leg strength and the fun sounds will keep them engaged.

Electronic Books

The 100 word books have become an essential part for every kid to improve their vocabulary. However, the electronic vocabulary books are designed with interactive pages which pronounce the works and make sound effects. As a result, kids will know about hundreds of words, their meaning, and correct pronunciation with Chinese pinyin.

Baby Tablets

Various baby tablets are available in the market and they can help kids practice the alphabet and numbers. There are multiple play modes available on the tablet, so they can learn to speak Chinese while having fun.

Talking Toy

We all were hooked to “Talking Tom” but it’s an app and kids shouldn’t use screens, right? For this reason, you can opt for interactive talking toys; they make funny faces just like your kid does (yes, it copies the kids. Moreover, these toys sing and chat, so kids will remain busy!

Stand Mixer Set

Nope, we aren’t asking you to buy them a real stand mixer but a toy set will surely let their imaginative juices flow. In addition, the toy sets will improve fine motor skills because kids will keep creating new recipes. On top of everything, kids will remain busy and learn while you complete your own chores!

See My Feelings Mirror

These toys come with multiple toy mirrors and they are made from unbreakable glass to keep the kids safe. As for the toy, it has various guided activities, so kids can learn about their emotions, understand them, and learn how to communicate their feelings.
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