Musical Instruments in Chinese for kids

If your kid seems to have a thing for music, teaching them different musical instruments will spark their interest, so they can start with musical and harmonic experiences. In this article, we are sharing different musical instruments names in Chinese for kids to learn for better understanding. So, let’s check out the details!

Names Of Musical

String Instruments

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

Percussion Instruments

These instruments are defined to produce sound when they are beaten or struck by other instruments or hands. It might be surprising but the piano is a percussion instrument because the strings will vibrate when a pianist press the keys. So, these percussion instruments include:

Barrel Drum
Bass Drum
Bongo Drum

Wind Instruments

These musical instruments are designed to make a sound when the wind is resonated within the instrument. The common wind instruments include the following:

French Horn
Irish Flute
Pan Flute

Electronic Instruments

With advancements in technology, there have been various electronic musical instruments. These instruments make sound through electrical components and include the following:


How To Attract Kids Towards Musical Instruments

Making DIY Musical Instruments

If you want to start to teach kids the basic musical concepts and rhythm, you can use casual objects and you can even indulge in DIY or craft projects to make sounds. For instance, you can wrap an idle tissue box with rubber brands and ask kids to strike them. In addition, you can fill up an empty box with beans or grains, so they can make musical sounds just by shaking the box.


What could be better than singing when you want to teach kids about music? It doesn’t matter if you are a good singer or not, singing with kids will help make a musical introduction. Even more, singing is a great way of soothing the baby and rocking them to sleep. Also, singing to them will introduce them to music rhythms and they will eventually start feeling the music.


Whistling tends to be fascinating for kids and it’s one of the great ways of teaching them musical sounds. Starting with whistle sounds will make them involved in music and also teach them basic lip positioning. With regular whistling, they will start working on different musical tunes.

Musical Games

Musical games have become a great way of introducing kids to music. The musical games have various tunes and songs, so kids can find a tune that they love. If there are no apps available, just play the clapping or musical chair games.

Background Music

It doesn’t matter if you are dropping them at school or taking a road trip, just play music in the car and they will start instilling music in their daily lives. On top of everything, playing background music will help them associate happy memories with music, which increases their interest in music.

Let Them Experiment

There can be nothing better than practical experience. So, if you want your kids to start liking music, give them the musical instruments and let them play with them. Also, it doesn’t matter if you’ve basic instruments or expensive ones, just introduce them to instruments and watch them get acquainted.

Musical Coloring Books

Every kid loves to draw things and color up the drawings. For this reason, you can get musical coloring books for kids and ask them to color in them. Once they start coloring, they will start identifying different musical instruments and will feel connected.

Nap Time Music

Sure, you read bedtime stories to kids but you can also play music at bedtime or naptime to make sure they start liking music. Even more, if you play relaxing soundtracks, it will make kids fall asleep quicker and they will feel calmer.

Learning The Terms

We have mentioned the musical instruments names in Chinese for kids in the article and learning these terms will eventually make them feel connected to music. In addition, when kids know the name of musical instruments, their musical exposure will be enhanced and eventually help improve their communication skills.

To learn more about musical instruments names in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best English learning app for kids!

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