Learn how to Say 26 Different Fruits in Chinese With This Fun Fruit Song

Children love fruit because it’s sweet and colorful. They can see fruit in the kitchen and might have some fruit toys. They can also see fruit at school, at the market, in nature, and any place that has food! The best way for your child to learn Chinese is to start with vocabulary words that they see in their everyday life.

That means your child will have many opportunities to say the names of the fruit in Chinese as they play and go about their day! A great way for kids to learn Chinese is through songs. Here is a fun, fruit song by Galaxy Kids, to teach your kid how to say fruit in Chinese.

Also, here is a free Chinese learning activity! To teach your child these fruit words in Chinese, ask your child the word in English first, play the audio, and then repeat the word in Chinese with your child. You can then practice saying the Chinese word for different fruit as your child plays, eats, and helps you run errands.

You can start with teaching your child how to say 3-5 of their favorite fruits in Chinese. Once they know those words, you can add more vocabulary from there. Remember to praise your child and make learning Chinese fun for them!

Here are 26 fruit vocabulary words in Chinese and pinyin:

Apple 苹果 (píng guǒ)

Apricot 杏子 (xìng zi)

Avocado 牛油果 (niú yóu guǒ)

Banana 香蕉 (xiāng jiāo)

Cherry 樱桃 (yīng táo)

Cantaloupe 哈密瓜 (hā mì guā)

Dragon fruit 火龙果 (huǒ lóng guǒ)

Grapes 葡萄 (pú táo)

Guava 番石榴 (fān shí liú)

Jackfruit 菠萝蜜 (bō luó mì)

Kiwi 猕猴桃 (mí hóu táo)

Lemon 柠檬 (níng méng)

Lime 酸橙 (suān chéng)

Mango 芒果 (máng guǒ)

Papaya 木瓜 (mù guā)

Peach 桃 (táo)

Pomegranate 石榴 (shí liú)

Pineapple 菠萝 (bō luó)

Passionfruit 百香果 (bǎi xiāng guǒ)

Rambutan 红毛丹 (hóng máo dān)

Raspberry 山莓 (shān méi)

Starfruit 杨桃 (yáng táo)

Strawberry 草莓 (cǎo méi)

Tomato 番茄 (fān qié)

Tangerine 柑橘 (gān jú)

Watermelon 西瓜 (xī guā)

I hope you had fun learning the Chinese words for 26 different fruits. Your child can learn many more Mandarin words in our Galaxy Kids Chinese app, a fun, Chinese learning app for kids!

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