Jobs and Occupation Vocabulary in Chinese for kids

Kids are imaginative and they often ponder what work they could do and what occupation they’d adopt. In this post, we are sharing the jobs and occupation vocabulary in Chinese for kids. It’s important for kids to learn Chinese and know the right terms, so they can explain their aspirations. We are certain that your kids listen to the questions like, “what do you want to become when you grow up?” on a daily basis.

Having a grasp on job and occupation vocabulary helps kids improve their knowledge but it also inculcates a sense of respect towards every profession. Below is a list of different occupations and jobs that can be taught to the kids for them to learn to speak Chinese. Let’s get to the lessons!

Jobs & Occupation in Chinese for Kids

Astronaut 宇航员 (yǔ háng yuán)

Actor 演员 (yǎn yuán)

Cleaner 清洁工 (qīng jié gōng)

Artist 艺术家 (yì shù jiā)

Athlete 运动员 (yùn dòng yuán)

Chef 厨师 (chú shī)

Doctor 医生 (yī shēng)

Farmer 农民 (nóng mín)

Dentist 牙医 (yá yī)

Nurse 护士 (hù shì)

Sailor 水手 (shuǐ shǒu)

Firefighter 消防队员 (xiāo fáng duì yuán)

Teacher 老师 (lǎo shī)

Vet 兽医 (shòu yī)

Truck driver 卡车司机 (kǎ chē sī jī)

Scientist pilot 科学家飞行员 (kē xué jiā fēi xíng yuán)

Musician 音乐家 (yīn yuè jiā)

Soldier 士兵 (shì bīng)

Police 警察 (jǐng chá)

Architect 建筑师 (jiàn zhú shī)

Detective 侦探 (zhēn tàn)

Writer 作家 (zuò jiā)

Pilot 飞行员 (fēi xíng yuán)

Engineer 工程师 (gōng chéng shī)

Accountant 会计 (kuài jì)

Cashier 出纳员 (chū nà yuán)

Carpenter 木匠 (mù jiàng)

Flight attendant 空姐 (kōng jiě)

Electrician 电工 (diàn gōng)

Plumber 水管工 (shuǐ guǎn gōng)

Lawyer 律师 (Lǜ shī)

Fashion designer 时装设计师 (shí zhuāng shè jì shī)

Journalist 记者 (jì zhě)

Florist 花商 (huā shāng)

Photographer 摄影师 (shè yǐng shī)

Painter 画家 (huà jiā)

Pharmacist 药剂师 (yào jì shī)

Nanny 保姆 (bǎo mǔ)

Dancer 舞蹈家 (wǔ dǎo jiā)

Politician 政治家 (zhèng zhì jiā)

Businessman 商人 (shāng rén)

Gardener 园丁 (yuán dīng)

Understanding Work-Related Terms

Previously, we have mentioned different occupations in Chinese for kids that they should know about. In the section below, we have other work-related terms that they should know the meaning, such as;


Job 工作 (gōng zuò)
A regular employment.

Work 做工 (zuò gōng)
The source of income or earning money.

Boss 老板 (lǎo bǎn)
A person who is in charge of company/business.

Employee 员工 (yuán gōng)
A person who is hired to do someone’s work

Schedule 日程 (rì chéng)
The work hours for every employee

Off day 节假日 (jié jià rì)
A holiday from work or job

Flashcards To Learn Chinese for Kids

Learning Chinese about different occupations can be challenging for kids when they have just started learning. For this purpose, flashcards can be used as a free Chinese learning tool because they are printed with pictures to show kids about specific jobs and professions. The visual pictures will help to match the words for easier understanding and quicker learning. We have prepared some flashcards that can be downloaded to teach your kids, and practicing with the flashcard will help with free Chinese learning.

Additional Tips To Help Kids Learn Chinese About Different Occupations & Jobs

The kids should always be encouraged to know about different jobs and occupations in Chinese. For this purpose, you can discuss various roles and perform them at home or within a specific community. In the section below, we are sharing different activities that can help to learn Chinese for kids;


We haven’t seen one kid who doesn’t like Lego but productive use of Legos will help understand different professions. For instance, parents can help kids build the neighborhood with Lego and discuss different roles within the neighborhood places. The neighborhoods include schools, houses, shops, airports, universities, bus stops, office towers, cinemas, and more. So, once you create the Lego structure, discuss different people who work at these places, discuss their roles, and let them pursue their dreams.

Go For Outings

A little outing is always preferred for kids and it can be a great learning method to learn to speak Chinese. For instance, whenever you visit the museum, shopping mall, or science centers, tell your kids about specific roles people are performing. In addition, you can tell what skills and education are needed to take up specific occupations.

Alphabet Careers

If you are taking your kid out for a walk or drive, play the alphabet game and let them think about different occupations that start with a specific alphabet (a for astronaut, d for a doctor, g for a gardener, and so on). This game will improve the occupation awareness of the kids. To make it fun, let them ask you the same questions. Moreover, when kids tell you a specific occupation, discuss the top three skills that they need for those jobs and learn to speak Chinese.

Dress Up

Every occupation has a specific dress code or uniform, and it’s a great way of teaching them about different occupations. So, take out the old clothes, tweak them, and let kids dress up for the job. To add a better touch, let them play around with the toy tools (if your kid is dressing up as a teacher, let them use the pens, and files).


To learn to say Hello in Chinese or more about jobs and occupations in Chinese in Chinese for kids, you can download the Galaxy Kids app – the best Chinese learning app for kids!


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