Galaxy Kids Featured on Apps Like These: Practice English Speaking Skills with Animated Characters

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    If your children have difficulties while learning English, we would like to present to you an excellent solution – Galaxy Kids app.

    This tool is full of different involving lessons, so let’s find out why this app is so special!

    First of all, this is a stable and safe app that you will install in a couple of seconds. We advise using this tool for children ages 3 to 7.

    Galaxy Kids is based on AI technology that lets children practice their speaking skills with animated characters. The app offers 7 content levels with more than 400 lessons and 2000 activities.

    As for the additional features there, the app allows you to listen to learning songs, play interactive games, and read interesting stories. Additionally, a child can check a native speaker’s speech to make the pronunciation much better!

    Furthermore, Galaxy Kids is a useful tool for parents as well. In the special section Parent Dashboard, parents can monitor the children’s progress.

    Moving on, Galaxy Kids allows you to improve your vocabulary level. The app offers more than 80 topics – f.ex. Toys, Family, Zoo, etc.

    As for the app’s interface, it is very simple to manage. Galaxy Kids comes with an interactive design that will not leave your children indifferent. Colorful animations, pleasant music, and convenient navigation are waiting for you!

    In case of any issues, you can contact tech support. The customer specialists will help you at any time!

    The app comes with a free trial or you can choose from several subscriptions – monthly, semi-annually, or annual. Plus, the price is not expensive!

    Summarizing all the points mentioned above, Galaxy Kids is a must-have tool for all children who want to instantly learn English. While using this app, we have not found any drawbacks. Therefore, we believe that both children and their parents will truly like it!

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