In the Time of Social Distancing, How Kids Can Find Study Partners

Practicing social distancing is the best way to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, but it has severely disturbed the daily life of virtually everyone. The education sector has taken the worst toll because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Kids and adults who attend educational institutions are forced to stay home and complete their education online. This has led to concerns about whether the quality of the education being provided online is even the same anymore.

Ever since the start of coronavirus social distancing, students have been struggling to maintain their studies in the absence of school routines, classrooms, peers, and teachers. Things cannot immediately and fully go back to the pre-coronavirus time. But many things can be maintained during the quarantine to help improve learning from home. Having an online study buddy for your little one can significantly enhance their online learning experience.

Educating kids in the time of social distancing

Simply cleaning our hands with a hand sanitizer won’t be enough to contain the spread of COVID-19. That is why we must learn to adapt to the time of physical distancing. Until we get back to normalcy, online education will continue. But that doesn’t mean online education is inferior to physical classroom-based learning.

It is undoubtedly a difficult time for kids who may be struggling to adjust to the new rules. Some may find it hard to study due to poor internet access, whereas others may be going through domestic problems. And chances are many people might be stressed out or depressed due to the fear of coronavirus, and thus lack the determination and the focus required to learn effectively. Some things need to change if your kids have to maximize their learning from home.

Kids will need to be supervised when studying online. And there has to be a routine for students and parents to follow during this pandemic. Accessibility to stable internet and working computers is yet another crucial part of online education.

The most important thing to remember while helping kids to learn from an online school is empathy. As a parent, you have to be considerate and allow your kids to take breaks to relax after online learning. By doing so, your kids will be motivated and have fun learning online.

Should you find study partner online?

Classmates and peers not only make learning fun but provide life lessons to each other through socialization. Your kid will learn more effectively when they have a study buddy around. That is because the kids learn together, helping each other do better academically and socially.

There’s no reason why kids cannot find a study partner online. You can help connect your child with their schoolmates and friends through video calling software and apps. Think about talking to the parents of your kid’s classmates or peers to make arrangements.

Parents can facilitate their kids to do many productive and learning activities during their online meetups. For example, games and puzzles focused on problem-solving can hone their critical thinking skills. The resultant learning will be worth the fun and giggles that the children will in each other’s company.

Middle school kids require an online study partner the most in the time of the coronavirus. They work on a lot of projects and assignments. By working together online, they can achieve the same results they would have achieved while present at school.

Learning apps for kids

Learning apps for kids are some of the most helpful resources available on the app store. Kids can download educational games to make the whole process of learning fun and exciting. They can even benefit a lot from downloading and using a study partner app.

Having a study buddy is an excellent way to improve at-home learning for children. It would be great if your child’s friends or classmates are available to join your kid in an online class. But if that’s not possible, the good news is that there are many good study partner apps that can interact with your kid in a fun environment.

Galaxy Kids is an excellent example of interactive online study apps. The app is focused on improving kids’ Chinese language and life lesson skills. It comes with cute little AI buddies to interact with your kid and help them learn better. These characters will be your little one’s study partner and provide them with customized Chinese lessons. They will speak with your kids to make the learning experience exciting, fun, and interactive.

Learn Mandarin For Kids


Like all other aspects of our lives, the pandemic has disrupted the education sector as well. Kids are suddenly caused to take online classes due to the corona virus social distancing requirements. While online education comes with many challenges, there are technologies to ease the difficulties for your kids. A study partner app such as Galaxy Kids could be the difference between an insufficient home-schooling and a socially distant learning success. Its loveable AI buddy can act as a study partner for your kid, making the learning process enjoyable.

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