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    Why Galaxy Kids

    With Galaxy Kids Chinese, learning and speaking Chinese = a fun and exciting activity for your child!

    Thanks to the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence (AI) technology developed by leading software engineers that allows our app to recognize, assess, and suggest improvement based on your child’s Chinese speaking. Your child will have plenty of opportunities to talk in Chinese and practice Chinese speaking.

    That’s not all! Learn Chinese speaking through high-quality animated production and the Chinese language curriculum crafted by Chinese language experts and psychologists.

    What will your child's Chinese learning journey look like?

    Sturctured Learning Methodology with the Learning Path Practice Everyday conversation with Chat Buddy Adopt correct pronunciation with Speech Lab
    Chat Buddy
    Best Chinese Learning App


    Learn to speak Chinese step-by-step through a structured Chinese language curriculum for young learners aged 2-6 years old. Follow the Chinese language learning curriculum in chronological order for maximum benefits.

    The Learning Path is divided into 3 levels, allowing your child to build up Chinese speaking skills at their own pace.

    Every level consists of 10-14 units. Your child will learn 40 new vocabulary, 20 sentence frames, 10 letters, topic-based, and incidental vocabulary learning in each level. In each unit, your child will discover at least 4 new words and 2 sentence frames.
    Learn Chinese App
    Best App For Learning Chinese

    Chat Buddy

    Learning Chinese effectively starts from speaking Chinese (and the research proves it!). This is where our Chat Buddies come in. These adorable AI characters will engage your child in a two-way conversation, personalized to their Chinese-speaking level.

    The Chat Buddies will accompany your child throughout their Chinese speaking journey and continuously improve their ability in providing tips and suggestions whenever the need arises!

    This interactive approach is one of the most effective ways to learn Chinese in a fun, natural, and engaging manner.

    We created a system that matches your child’s skills with their learning level. There are 3 levels of difficulties, beginner, intermediate, and advanced, in the Chat Buddy separated into Yellow Planet, Blue Planet, and Green Planet accordingly.

    Speech Lab

    Want to know the level of your child’s Chinese speaking and pronunciation? Speech Lab is the place to find out!

    Our AI technology empowers your child with the ability to pronounce and speak Chinese correctly. Your child can listen to their own Chinese speaking, receive pronunciation scores, understand the incorrect sound, and get instant feedback and suggestions in Speech Lab.
    Kids Chinese


    With over 7 levels of Chinese learning content that covers 400+ lessons 2000+ activities, your child will be able to speak Chinese in real life situations, instilling a sense of confidence in their natural environment. Your child will acquire more than 1000 new words and 50 sentence frames covering the following topics:

    Things at School





    My Family


    Basic Actions

    Zoo Animals

    My Friends

    My Toys

    My Pets

    My Body

    My Clothes

    My School


    My House

    In The Kitchen

    In The Bathroom

    Getting Dressed

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