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Get Help Speaking Chinese from Real Chinese Teachers

Practice speaking Chinese with a native teacher along with engaging activities that follow the structured curriculum based on the HSK standard for kids.

Not Just a Learning App

Live Online Chinese Class is available for learners to get more help from native teachers. Ask our language consultant about our Live Class today.

Blended Learning Experience

It’s an innovative way for children to enjoy speaking Chinese and understand the language quicker! Children can learn, practice, and have fun on Galaxy Kids, then get additional help and apply the knowledge by speaking with a native teacher in Live Class!
Education for Kids
Taught by Leading Language School in China

Taught by Leading Language School in China

GoEast Mandarin – Online class for children Our Live Class is carried out by our partner language school, GoEast. Children will learn from qualified teachers who graduated from top 5 universities in China with a degree in teaching Mandarin Chinese as a second language and over 5 years of teaching experience to young children.

Fun Chinese

3 - 6 years old

Fun Chinese prepares the young learners to develop the sense and interest in the Chinese language. The class focuses on having fun with engaging activities while following the standard and child development theories.

Fantasy Chinese

6- 8 years old

Fantasy Chinese integrates stories into a highly structured curriculum that creates curiosity for the children to learn and speak Chinese more often. Children will get plenty of speaking practice in every class.


The verdict from my second daughter was that this class is the best of ALL the classes she has ever done (and we’ve tried a lot over the years). She had an instant connection with Teacher Jenny, and my daughter was very joyful about doing these classes, even twice each weekend!
What I liked about classes is that they cleverly incorporated some movement activities to engage Kieran as he can be very fidgety and needs to shake off his excess energy; he had fun demonstrating the actions). The class focuses on making Chinese more conversational through stories and engaging activities (games, puzzles, dramatisation etc). What struck me most is really the personalisation of the lesson; it felt very much like a cosy Chinese lesson with a Chinese teacher over Zoom, and for parts when Kieran wasn’t so warmed up yet, Jenny 老师 could adapt her activities on the spot rather than strictly following a one-size-fits-all syllabus.
I have tried other schools and GoEast is the best. I love the structured nature of the courses. The instructors have proper teaching credentials from universities which means they have formal training in teaching languages. I can’t say enough good things about my experience at GoEast

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Our Teachers

Jenny Huang
Jenny Huang

(黄淑珍Huáng Shūzhēn)

Jenny graduated from Tianjin Normal University with a bachelor degree in advertising, and another degree in Chinese Education. She has started teaching Chinese, especially for kids. since the beginning of 2017. She is passionate about her career. She is extremely patient with children and has been teaching children from 6 to 16 years old of different levels from different countries.
Liz Zhao
Liz Zhao

(赵灵 Zhào Líng)

Liz Zhao holds a master degree in Education in Teaching Chinese as a Foreign Language from Yunnan University. Before she joined GoEast, she taught Chinese for one year in Myanmar and also had trained students from different backgrounds with private lessons. Her teaching style if fun and relaxing with a good structure.
Lily Li
Lily Li

(李晓映 Lǐ Xiǎoyìng)

Graduated form Beijing Normal University. Lily started working as a Chinese teacher since 2016 and has gained teaching experience rapidly. Her teaching style is relaxing, interactive and systematic. She designs new activities and tools for our teachers to use.
Karen Shi
Karen Shi

(时晓明 Shí Xiǎomíng)

Karen graduated from Dalian University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chinese Language and Literature. She started teaching Chinese in 2011. She has been to the Philippines and Seychelles as a Chinese teacher. She is very patient, you will learn a lot of interesting Chinese in her class.

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