Teaching Preschool Kids to Have FUN Speaking Chinese ​

Blended Learning with App and Online Class


A Blended Learning Solution: APP + LIVE CLASSES

Learn to speak Chinese in the most fun way through AI cartoon animation and Live Classes taught by native teachers* made for children ages 3-6 years old.

Our curriculum is based on the YCT standards + FUN activities to speak Chinese all the time.

The app is FREE to use with a limit to the number of activities per day; or subscribe to continue learning without a limit.

*Talk to us for more detail about Live Class

Practice Chinese Conversations

with AI Buddies Anywhere Anytime and Get Real-time Scores & Feedback

Practice Chinese Pronunciation

Hear, Learn, and Improve Pronunciation Like a Native Speaker

Practice Chinese Pronunciation

Hear, Learn, and Improve Pronunciation Like a Native Speaker

Children Learn BEST When It’s FUN

They will Speak Chinese Regularly While Enjoying Our Stories!

Your Child Will Speak Chinese...

Equivalent to a HSK level

According to the YCT Guideline

Fluently in daily conversation

Fluently in Daily Conversation

Flawlessly in pronunciation

Flawlessly in Pronunciation

Blended Learning + Fun Learning

A structured HSK curriculum that we developed to make it fun for kids.

Practice words and sentences pronunciation learned from the other lessons.

Apply the words and sentences into conversations with our AI buddies!

Education for Kids

LIVE CLASS with Chinese Teachers

LIVE CLASS with Chinese Teachers

You can also take online Chinese classes with Galaxy Kids taught by qualified Chinese teachers from our Chinese language institute partner, GoEast, in China with an additional fee. The classes follow the same curriculum as our app content creating the blended learning between our app and the Live Classes.

Ask our language consultant about the Live Class today!

“My child is talking with a chat friend every day. My chat friend keeps speaking English, so my child keeps speaking English.”
Jimmy Sho
“Keeping talking with my AI chat friend is really different from showing a normal cartoon.”
Parents of Thailand Amarin
Baby Fair
“My child is learning English at school, but he does not have the opportunity to come home and practice.”
Parents of Thailand Amarin
Baby Fair

Subscription Plans

Galaxy Kids is a free-to-use app with a daily limit in the number of activities learners can use per day. You can subscribe for a premium member plan to unlock the limit as well as receive additional member-only rewards.



1 Month Plan

$12/ month

Billed monthly

12 Month Plan

$7 / month

Billed annually at $79 (45% OFF)