Galaxy Kids is a free-to-use app with a daily limit in the number of activities learners can use per day. You can subscribe for a premium member plan to unlock the limit as well as receive additional member-only rewards.



    1 Month Plan

    $18 / month

    Billed monthly

    12 Month Plan

    $8.6 / month

    Billed annually at $104 (50% OFF)
    Our app is FREE to use with a limited usage of 3 activities per day. Upgrade to PREMIUM MEMBER to unlock the limit and get additional PREMIUM perks.
    You can cancel your premium member plan at any time to stop the next billing cycle from incurring.
    If you need assistance to become a premium member or to cancel your plan, please feel free to contact us any time.

    Should I Become a PREMIUM MEMBER?

    90 DAYS
    With full access, your child will start speaking Chinese within 90 Days without a Chinese language background by following our curriculum and daily recommendations.

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